How does the SENSOLI Aromatherapy Blending System work?

Our state-of-the-art SENSOLI Blending Systems have been developed especially for the professional aromatherapy market.

With the help of the SENSOLI Blending System you can save time and effort when using the automatic mixing process for recipes. There is no longer the need to gather all relevant bottles of oil for a certain blend, unscrew the caps and drop the correct amount of oil into the bottle for the finished blend.

SENSOLI Blending Systems are known for their precise production of reproducible formulations. The required amount of oil can be extracted very precisely by the mixing machine. The essential oil bottles are septum-sealed and therefore prevent oxidation and protect from further external influences. Advice concerning usage of the blend can be printed onto a label by the mixing system and then put onto the finished bottle. A consultation on aromatherapy should be carried out via the specialised staff, for example a spa-manager, pharmacist, alternative practitioner, doctor or aromatherapist.

Here you can see a SENSOLI Aromatherapy Blending System in action:

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