Aromatherapy - a Renaissance: Origin and Meaning

The effects of essential oils were used by humans many years before Gattefossé's discovery. First signs of medicinal and aromatic productions go back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptions researched the effects of essential oils on body and soul. The Chinese used a combination of essential oils and Acupuncture for healing the body. Other examples of the use of aromatherapy can be found in the indigenous population of Southamerica (Incas, Azteks) or also in Tibet.

The Indian ayurvedic medicine - including a massage with aroma oils - has existed for more than 3000 years and is an important part of their healing process. There are also indications that in Greece Aromatherapy was used to try to stop the spread of the plague. In today's day and age in Europe, especially in France and England, the use of Aromatherapy in conjunction with doctors and therapists is widespread.