Significance internationally

Naturally France and England have used Aromatherapy for many years. It works hand in hand with conventional medicine. French and Italians have a lot of experience with the ingestion of essential oils. This, however, can only be practised under the careful guidance of a qualified and experienced therapist. So it comes as no surprise that in France alone there are over one thousand therapists who work actively with Aromatherapy. In England Aromatherapy is mainly (>95%) used with massages.

There are also a great number of users and therapists in the United States and Japan whereas in Germany Aromatherapy is now gaining in acceptance partly because more and more alternative practitioners are recommending its use. Room deodorisers for example work well for bronchial illnesses and help with psychological problems. For other illnesses like Arthritis and Neurodermatitis the use of an oil diffuser is not sufficient. Aromapressure and Aromamassages might be more effective.