Company Origins of SENSOLI GmbH

In the 1930s expressionist Hans Thuar from the Rhine region in Germany developed a variety of cremes (Cerapin) as an ailment for cough, asthma and tuberculosis, based on the healing characteristics of essential oils. He sold these to pharmacies. Years later his daughter Gisela married Dr. Wolfgang Macke, who later became the owner of C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG.

For over 160 years C. Gerhardt has been involved with the development, production and sales of analytical systems. In 2005 C. Gerhardt decided to develop a mixing machine for essential oils. This popular machine can automatically reproduce Gerhardt's grandfathers' blends.

In autumn 2007 a subsidiary was created - the SENSOLI GmbH - responsible for selling mixing machines internationally and for supplying existing and new customers with high quality essential oils, carrier oils as well as blends and decorative room diffusers.

In summer 2011 all marketing and sales responsibilities were passed from Sensoli GmbH to Sensoli Ltd. based in England. Subsequently all SENSOLI Aromatherapy products are now being distributed from the UK to a worldwide customer base.