Hans Thuar - Not only a painter

CERAPIN Informationsbrief für Ärzte und Apotheker
CERAPIN Information letter for doctors and pharmacists

From the estate of Hans Thuar we can tell that he spent time not only painting but also researching topics like essential oils and aromatherapy. In the 1930's he worked under the company name of „HATERA“ (Hans Thuar Ramersdorf) and also under „RA-Laboratorium“.

This is where he mainly sold a product called CERAPIN which he developed based on essential oils and waxes and marketed in three varieties to help ease the symptoms of cough, Asthma and Tuberculosis.

CERAPIN A und T Werbe- und Informationsflyer
CERAPIN A und T Werbe- und Informationsflyer
Die letzte Tube des CERAPIN B
Last tube of CERAPIN B

Hans Thuar sold these products mainly to doctors and pharmacists in the Cologne-Bonn area. A last tube of CERAPIN B (photo) can still be found on the business premises of C. Gerhardt GmbH and the scent of the essential oils contained within is still strong.

CERAPIN B Werbe- und Informationsflyer
CERAPIN B handwritten recipe from Hans Thuar and advertising & information flyer