A. Macke: "Gemüsefelder" 1911

Thuar and Macke -
Friendship and Love

The friendship between Hans Thuar and August Macke began with a tragic accident effecting the 11-year-old Hans who lost both his legs and the will to live. Letters from August Macke reveal how much his passion for painting helped Hans to recover and gave him much needed encouragement. Macke managed to engage his friend in painting, remaining friends until Macke's death 1914.

H. Thuar: "Messdorf" 1911

This friendship is particularly reflected in the unusual creation of the paintings "Messdorf" from Thuar and "Gemüsefelder" from Macke which both Expressionists painted 1911 back to back in Bonn-Duisburg.

Neither of them could have guessed that years later Thuar's daughter Gisela would get married to Dr. Wolfgang Macke, the son of August Macke and original owner of C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG.