What are the features in a SENSOLI Blending System?

The SENSOLI Aromatherapy Blending System consists of a dispenser, mixing system operating in 3D, bundled software and database on CD with the option of adding a thermal transfer label printer.

Optionally we also offer a pre-configured notebook and the SENSOLI dosing unit for up to 3 bottles of carrier oil. The dosing unit can be attached directly to the mixing system SENSOLI M20.

Depending on the specification the machine can be equipped with 20 or 84 different essential oils, filled in septum-sealed 40ml special bottles.

The machine is very precise, so even very small amounts of up to 20 µl can be extracted. The standard bottle for the finished blends is 10ml, adapters for other bottle sizes like 30ml and 50ml are also included. Other adapters e.g. for 10ml roll-on bottles are available on enquiry. After every mixing process the dosing-needle is automatically cleaned with alcohol.

Carrier oils for the blends will be added after the mixing process via the SENSOLI dispenser either manually or automatically depending on the specification of the machine. The control software includes administration of the general parameters of the machine as well as possibilities to enter and store manifold formulations. The control software notifies the user when a minimum level of oil is left and refills need to be ordered.